eCoach is split into a number of different plans, each tailored to different needs. These plans range from a freemium look at the eCoach platform, to fully-featured enterprise solutions. 

Here, we've broken down each plan to see which one is right for you:


  • Free
  • Unlimited creation
  • 5 Active Users

This is the most basic eCoach plan. The Investigate account is free, and allows users access to unlimited content authoring and a fully-functioning Learning Management System that can serve up to five active users. 

The Investigate plan is designed to let you explore the eCoach platform and see if it would fit your organisational or personal needs.

This plan also comes with two dummy participants and three modules pre-loaded into your campus, so you can get an immediate idea of what the platform looks like in terms of analytics and reporting, and enrolling and managing users. 

The bottom line: Great for getting to know the look and feel of the eCoach platform, trying your hand at creating some killer eLearning content, and deciding whether eCoach is right for you.


  • $29/month
  • 50 Active Users
  • Custom URL
  • Unlimited URL sharing

The Starter plan allows access to an integrated authoring tool and powerful Learning Management System at an unparalleled price. 

For just $29 a month, account holders can create and deliver online training for up to 50 active users a month. The Starter plan comes with all the features of a fully-fledged Learning Management System, from granular reporting and analytics, to user management and permission levels, to a custom URL for your campus.

Traditional LMS features are combined with cloud-based authoring capabilities that allow for rapid and easy content authoring, resulting in a one platform solution for developing, training and delivering online learning content at under $350 a year. 

Note that this plan can cater to more than 50 active users, but each user over the limit of 50 incurs a $3 fee for that month. If you're looking to train more than 50 active users, it may be beneficial to consider the Growth plan.

Content created on the Starter plan can be exported as SCORM files for use on a third-party LMS. The Starter plan allows exported SCORM content to be accessed by 100 unique users a month. This content can be hosted on as many domains as you'd like.

The bottom line: A plan for small to medium-sized businesses, training organisations or individuals looking to deliver online training on a small scale - this plan has incredible value for an LMS offering.


  • $399/month
  • 500 Active Users
  • Custom Branding

The Growth plan allows users to take their training to the next level, with VIP Support, custom branding, and up to 500 active users.

Custom branding removes all eCoach branding from your campus, letting you add your organisation's logo, edit campus colours and fonts to fit your brand style guide, and tailor feedback popups to suit your workplace. 

All Growth plan training is hosted on a personalised campus hostname that follows the format of ''. Custom branding gives training a professional edge and ensures that your participants feel at home on your eCoach account.

The Growth plan allows account holders to train up to 500 active users a month, with extra users added at a cost of $2 per user.

Content created on the Growth plan can be exported as SCORM files for use on a third-party LMS. The Growth plan allows exported SCORM content to be accessed by 5,000 unique users a month. This content can be hosted on as many domains as you'd like.

The bottom line: Great for organisations looking to deliver professional online training to a moderate userbase or those looking to plug a rapid authoring tool into an existing LMS. 


  • $899/month
  • 5000 Active Users
  • Integrations
  • VIP Support
  • Learning Outcome Mapping

The Scale plan lets account holders train participants effectively and efficiently by automating training processes; as the name suggests, this plan lets you scale your training with ease.

Account holders on the Scale plan can automate workflows and increase their training efficiency thanks to integrations. On the Scale plan, eCoach can integrate with all your favourite apps: from Gmail and Google Drive, to Mailchimp, to Trello, Salesforce, Asana and Slack. Once your applications are connected to eCoach, you can set up automated workflows that save your organisation time and effort and allow you to scale your training without increasing head hours. Unsure you have the technical expertise to deal with integrations? We can help you set them up with ease.

VIP Support means that you'll have a dedicated Account Manager to help guide your organisation through the campus setup process, provide face-to-face onboarding and training services for your team, and handle any requests and support requirements as quickly and effectively as possible. With an Account Manager who knows eCoach back to front, you won't need a dedicated IT expert to handle any training mishaps - we'll do it all for you. 

The Scale plan also allows for Student Intercom Connect, in which facilitators can communicate directly with participants via real-time chat. Being able to connect your LMS users with facilitators who can offer guidance and instruction can be invaluable - it's no secret that improving the lines of direct communication results in more effective training delivery. To find out more about Student Intercom Connect and how you can use it, click here. Note that users who wish to make use of this feature require a paid Intercom account. 

With learning outcome mapping, Scale plan users can track content based on the particular knowledge area or skill that it contributes to. Users can then access a 'Learning Outcome Reports' tab that provides detailed reporting on learning outcomes across all levels of the campus, letting them see which participants have satisfied the requirements for a particular knowledge area, and which participants still need to complete certain pieces of content. This is great for tracking training delivery. 

Learning outcomes can be mapped in eCoach as content is authored, allowing for real-time management of learning objectives. For training organisations, learning outcome mapping is an essential feature for providing evidence that content meets external competency requirements for compliance training.

The Scale plan allows account holders to train up to 5000 active users a month, with extra users added at a cost of $1.50 per user.

Content created on the Scale plan can be exported as SCORM files for use on a third-party LMS. The Scale plan allows exported SCORM content to be accessed by 10,000 unique users a month. This content can be hosted on as many domains as you'd like.

The bottom line: The perfect plan for organisations looking to optimise processes so as to effectively train at scale.


  • Multi-Tenancy
  • 20000+ Active Users
  • Enterprise Integrations
  • Unlimited SCORM Exports

The Enterprise plan allows for unparalleled training at scale, with access to multi-tenancy capabilities, enterprise integrations, and a low active user cost.

Multi-tenancy is a feature that allows you to split your account into separate campuses, with each campus having its own branding and customisation. This means that each campus can have a unique logo, domain name, and colour scheme. With multi-tenancy, account holders can train staff in separate, branded spaces, optimising training at scale.

Enterprise integrations refer to SSO and SMS integration. Single Sign On (SSO) integrates users' existing login credentials so they can login to eCoach with the usernames and passwords that they currently use for your organisation, resulting in a painless training experience for employees and administrators alike. 

The Enterprise plan allows account holders to train up to 20,000 active users a month, with extra users added at a cost of $0.5 per user. This low active user cost makes the Enterprise plan an affordable offering for any organisations seeking to train at scale.

The Enterprise plan is priced on a case by case basis, tailored to individual organisations depending on active user numbers, necessary support levels, and integration requirements. Please contact us using the icon in the bottom right corner of your screen to discuss a quote.

The bottom line: With the ability to separate campuses, allow participants to use their existing login credentials, and train bulk users at a low added cost, the Enterprise plan works best for large organisations seeking to painlessly automate training on a large scale. 

Have any questions regarding any of the plans listed above? Contact us via the icon at the bottom right of screen!

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