• $29/month
  • 50 Active Users
  • 100 SCORM Views/month
  • Custom URL
  • Unlimited URL sharing
  • No eCoach Advertising

The Starter plan allows access to an integrated authoring tool and powerful Learning Management System at an unparalleled price. 

For just $29 a month, account holders can create and deliver online training for up to 50 active users a month. The Starter plan comes with all the features of a fully-fledged Learning Management System, from granular reporting and analytics, to user management and permission levels, to a custom URL for your campus.

Traditional LMS features are combined with cloud-based authoring capabilities that allow for rapid and easy content authoring, resulting in a one platform solution for developing, training and delivering online learning content at under $350 a year. 

Note that this plan can cater to more than 50 active users, but each user over the limit of 50 incurs a $3 fee for that month. If you're looking to train more than 50 active users, it may be beneficial to consider the Growth plan.

Content created on the Starter Plan can be exported as SCORM files for use on a third-party LMS. The Starter Plan allows exported SCORM content to be accessed by 100 unique users a month. This content can be hosted on as many domains as you'd like.

The bottom line: A plan for small to medium-sized businesses, training organisations or individuals looking to deliver online training on a small scale - this plan has incredible value for an LMS offering.

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