What is a Group? 

The best way to think of a Group is to think of it as a group of students in a class at a school. This group of students can study a number of different subjects together across a whole range of departments, whether it be Math, English, or History. 

The most important things to remember about groups are:

  • Participants must be enrolled into a Group 
  • Groups have settings specific to a Course
  • Groups are independent of Departments
  • Groups are reusable, and can be enrolled into any number of Courses
  • Groups have an owner/creator
  • Groups have specific settings that apply to the Group

Where can I find and create Groups?

Groups can be created in two places. If you have the correct permissions, you can access the 'Groups' tab on the manage page. 

The most common place for a user to create a Group is on a Course. From the dashboard, click edit on any course and navigate to the Enrolments tab. 

Why do I have to enrol a participant into a Group?

A Group is useful because it allows the you to set specific settings on a group of participants and facilitators in context with the course it is enrolled in. For example, you can change the Course start and end dates and completion settings specific to the group in the Course it is enrolled into. It also allows you to re-use the same Course over and over again for different groups of participants over time. 

Groups are reusable and can be enrolled into any number of Courses

Because Groups are independent they can be uses across any department and enrolled into any number of Courses. 

Creating a Group

Begin by selecting the ‘Add Group’ button. 

When creating your first Group you'll be given the option to create from scratch, duplicate, or mirror an existing Group.

Choosing to duplicate an existing Group will create a completely new Group but retain the existing participants and facilitators. You might duplicate a Group if you wanted to make a slight variation to the Group e.g. add a few additional participants.

By choosing the 'Mirror existing' option, you're essentially creating a link to an existing Group and any changes you make to the Group will be reflected anywhere the Group is enrolled. 

You would mirror a Group if you wanted to enrol the exact same group of participants into a different Course.  Please note group settings are associated with a Course, so changes to the group settings of a mirrored Group will not be reflected in any other courses the Group is enrolled on, however, any changes made to participants or facilitators will. 

Groups have an owner

If you create a Group you are the owner of that Group and:

  • You and the Campus Manager(s) will be able to edit and enrol users into your Group
  • Users with the global 'enrol' permission can enrol and remove participants and facilitators into your Group
  • When the Group is enrolled into a Course, the Group Facilitator and anyone who can edit the Course can adjust the settings on the Group

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