This article will describe all of the settings available on groups that are enrolled into a course. The settings are broken up into 3 main sections:

  • General Settings
  • Module Availability & Due Dates
  • Course Completion Settings

General Settings

The general settings provide the user with the most commonly used settings on a group. 

Time Zone

The timezone field is very useful if you're facilitating participants who are in a different time zone to you. You can set up a group specifically for the participants in that timezone and set it to where they're based. This will ensure that the course start and end dates match their time zone. 

Course Start and Course End 

The course start date allows you to set the date and time of when you want to allow participants to start. Participants will not be able to start the course until the date arrives. 

The course end date allows you to set a date that your participants must complete the course by. 

Must Complete by

If you switch this setting on, you'll be able to add the number of days they Participant must complete the course by from the date that they are enrolled into the group.

Module Order

This setting forces participants to complete the modules in the order that you choose. For example, they will not be able to start a quiz until they've completed the preceding lesson.  

Grading Style

Choose between Score or Competency grading styles. This will either provide scores to assessment items for participants, or mark as competent or not-yet-competent.

Module Availability & Due Dates

This section allows you to change the settings for individual modules. For example, you may want to hide a quiz until a certain date, but display a lesson right away. You can also completely hide a module if you don't want the participants in the current group to see a particular module. 

Hide Module

Selecting this option allows hides the module from your participants. It will not be visible until you unhide it. Please note that this is not related to the start and end dates that you set.

Available from and Available until

You can set specific dates for individual modules to be available to your participants. If a participant tries to view the module outside of these dates, they will be denied access.

Due Date and Cutoff Date

Due and Cutoff dates are only available for Assignments. Setting these here, will override the modules due and cutoff dates for this particular group. 

Course Completion settings 

This section allows you to select what modules in the course are required for completion. By default, all modules are required to complete a course, so if you have some additional reading that isn't required for completion, just toggle the requirement to NO. 

Once a participant completes all fo the 'required' modules, eCoach will mark the participant as complete and this will be indicated in the course reports.  

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