To upload audio anywhere in your eCoach Lessons, Quizzes, Assignments, and Courses, follow these simple steps:

Step 1
Select the audio icon from the WYSIWYG text editor toolbar pictured below

Step 2
Navigate to the 'Upload' tab from the audio pop-up then click 'Choose file'. This will allow you to browse your device for an audio file.

Step 3
Once you've found your file, click the 'Send it to the server' button. This uploads the file to the eCoach servers. 

Step 4
Now choose how you'd like your audio file to be be aligned. You can choose from centre, left, right, or none. 

Step 5
Select the 'Advanced' tab to choose additional options including whether you want the audio to autoplay, or whether you want to allow your users to download the file.

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