To access your eCoach LMS analytics, click on the Analyse button at the top of your Dashboard. The Analytics section provides granular statistical information on almost every aspect of your LMS. On the right-hand side of the screen, you'll see a list of reports. Let's take a look at what data each of these reports generates:

Usage Report

This report will show automatically on the Analytics screen. The Usage Report is shown based on the last month. 

Under the Participation heading, you'll be able to see your Active Users, Courses Completed, and Assignments to Grade. The percentages next to these figures show changes from the previous month. Click on the Assignments to Grade button to be taken to the Assignment Grading screen.

Under the Creation heading, you'll be able to see an at-a-glance overview of what e-Learning content you've made in the last month. This includes Courses, Lessons, Quizzes, and Assignments, and shows percentages compared to the previous month's output. 

Active User Report

This report allows you to drill down further into your active users. Active users are important as they determine your pricing band. The eCoach LMS pricing bands are displayed at the top of the Active User report, with a bar to show where your level of active users falls. 

Below the pricing bar, you'll see a complete list of all your active users and all your inactive users for the past month. You can export your active users list for your own records by clicking the Export Active Users button at the top of the report.

Inactive User Report

This is a more granular version of the inactive user list from the Active User Report. It provides the first and last names of each inactive user as well as their usernames. This list can be exported by clicking the Export As button at the top of the report and choosing your preferred format. Excel and PDF are available. The Inactive User Report is a good way to see who isn't participating in your e-Learning.

Course Reports

The Course Reports screen allows you to see a breakdown of all the Courses on your LMS, with statistics for how many participants each Course has, the number of commenced and completed users, and the average grade and time spent for each Course. Click on a specific Course to drill into the same statistics for its individual modules. 

At the top of the Course Reports screen, you choose to only show current Courses, toggle your data view between hard numbers and percentages, search for specific Courses, or export the report. 

Group Reports

This report lets you see a series of quick stats about your user groups - Groups, Users Commenced, Average Mark, and Average Time Spent - before drilling down into individual groups and providing the same stats for each of them. You can click on an individual group name to see what users are enrolled in that group, and specific statistics for each Course that group is taking.

Participant Reports

The Participant Reports screen shows you all of your users, and provides information on what Courses they've enrolled in, their progress, and their grades. Click on an individual user to receive granular information on each module they've completed within eCoach.

Lesson Reports

This report lists all of your Lessons in a table, and tells you which Course and Department each Lesson is part of. Click on an individual Lesson name to see an overview of that Lesson, as well as the average time spent on each tile within it. This is great for seeing what tiles users are getting stuck or spending too much time on. You can search for specific Lessons at the top of screen, or limit to certain Courses or Departments. 

Quiz Reports

Quiz Reports operates in much the same way as Lesson Reports, except that it shows how many groups and participants are eligible to take that Quiz, how many users have completed each Quiz, and the average grade and time spent for each Quiz.

Assignment Reports

The Assignment Report operates in the same way as the Lesson Report, except that you can see which users have completed individual Assignments when you click on the Assignment names.

Learning Outcome Reports

The Learning Outcome Reports screen displays your Courses. Click on an individual Course name to see which learning outcomes that Course fulfils. This is a helpful feature for mapping and tracking your learning outcomes. 

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