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Yes - you can use embed a single tile from a Lesson onto your website by following these simple steps.

Step 1

Create a New Lesson and add the Tile you want on your website to the Lesson. Make sure you publish your lesson once you're done

Step 2

Open the Lesson settings panel to access the Lock-Step settings. 

Turn Lock Steps ON, and select the 'Jump to tile' option. Click save.

Step 3

Go to the share page to get your embed code. If you're unfamiliar with our sharing options see our article on sharing a Lesson via URL.

Step 4

When embedding the Lesson into your website, you may want to add a negative margin to the iFrame so that your visitors don't see the the navigation on the eCoach Lesson. In the following example I've hidden the navigation by adding the style="" element to the iFrame:

<iframe style="margin-top:-50px;" src="" width="100%" height="600"></iframe>

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