Every eCoach account includes access for at least 3 staff members for each organisation. 

To add new members to your team, go to the Manage page and select the 'Team' tab:

From this screen you can invite Users to a single Department to which they are confined (i.e. ‘Department Managers’), or as ‘Campus Managers’ (which provides them with Administrator access to your entire account).

To add new collaborating team members

To begin adding a new Team member (or members), select the ‘Add Team Members’ button on the Department row.

Step 1: If the User you’d like to invite isn’t listed, select “Add More Users” from the top right of the popup that appears

Step 2: Next, enter the email address of the people you’d like to add to your Department…

Step 3: Select ‘Add’ to preview your changes…

Step 4: Finally, ‘Add Users’ to confirm your selection.

Any Users added will automatically be sent an email invitation inviting them to eCoach Campus.

Note: in this example we are adding a new Department Managers, but the process is the same for adding a Teacher. The eCoach LMS ‘Users Panel’ allows you to invite Users to your account and assign them permissions. For details about managing User permissions in eCoach LMS visit the LMS FAQs section.

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