LMS Pricing is based on ‘Active Users’ within a 30 day period, an approach designed to make eCoach affordable (but easily scalable) for all types of institutions. In periods where you aren’t using the LMS (or where there are less than 50 Active Users), you will only be charged $99 per month.

Active Users refers to the total number of users using eCoach LMS during a calendar month (including Department Managers, Authors and Facilitators). It does not reflect the total number of enrolled Participants in a Course.

For example, if Participant A has completed three Modules in a Course during Month 1, they would be counted as 1 Active User. If they don’t access the Course again, and do not access the course in Month 2, they will not count in the Active User total.

This is important as it ensures that organisations do not have to delete users if those users cease using the platform for a period; instead, they will simply not be charged until they return to use the Course materials. If you exceed your current plan, you’ll be charged an additional $5 per Active User in the given 30 day billing period until it becomes mathematically silly (i.e. you may as well be on the next payment band).

At all times, Campus and Finance managers can view a list of Active Users from within the “Reports” tab:

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