There are 5 different eCoach plans available to users. Having such a variety means two things: firstly, there’s a plan to suit everyone. Secondly, though, the choice can be somewhat daunting for new users. Here, we’ve broken down each account to help you choose the right plan for you.

Free Author

  • Free
  • Unlimited storage
  • Limited sharing options

The most basic eCoach plan is the free Author account. It’s great for getting a feel of the eCoach experience and making basic content - if you’re beginning to author e-Learning material, the Free Author account is a good place to start. There are 37 premium drag and drop templates that can be made into Lessons, Courses or Quizzes, and up to 3 authors are allowed to collaborate in the same space at the same time. The free author account also has unlimited storage, meaning you can play around and create as much as you want.

Many users eventually upgrade from the Free Author account due to its limited sharing options (you can only share one piece of content at a time via URL link or SCORM package). However, only sharing one piece of content at a time is still sufficient for small business owners looking to train staff irregularly, or for teachers creating simple homework tasks. 

The bottom line: Great for aspiring e-Learning designers, small business owners and individual teachers 

Paid Author

  • $3 a month
  • Unlimited URL sharing
  • Customisation
  • Basic analytics

One step above the Free Author account is the Paid Author. One of the key differences between the Free and Paid Author accounts is the ability to share unlimited URL links from the Paid Account. Sharing multiple links at a time is great for anyone wanting to use eCoach beyond creating simple content - it allows users to run entire learning and training packages via eCoach. Note, however, that unlimited sharing is restricted to URL links with the Paid Author account - SCORM packages are available for only one piece of content at a time.

The Paid Author account is also a good choice for users looking for customisation options, allowing users to add their own logo, customise Campus and Lesson colours, and provide custom feedback prompts. These customisation features are visible to participants when they log in to complete eCoach content, making the Paid Author account a good option for users looking to brand their eCoach experience.  

Last of all, the Paid Author account offers basic analytics, allowing users to see completion rates for their Courses, Lessons and Quizzes. This is great for teachers as they can see whether students are actually completing their content. For example, a teacher may notice that a Lesson that’s given to students on a Friday night has a much lower completion rate than one that was given to them on a Monday, or that Quizzes are being completed much more often than your Lessons, and adjust their delivery methods accordingly.

The bottom line: Good for users wanting to share multiple pieces of content, those looking to customise their eCoach experience, or teachers looking to track student completion rates

Author Pro

  • $99 a month
  • Unlimited URL and SCORM sharing
  • Multi-tenancy (Optional)
  • Large amounts of authors

Author Pro is the premium eCoach authoring account. It’s the perfect tool for professional learning designers, or businesses and schools with their own LMS. 

The Author Pro account allows for unlimited SCORM downloads. When a Course, Lesson or Quiz has been converted to a SCORM package, it can be uploaded to almost any Learning Management System. The ability to download unlimited SCORM packages, then, means that users can host all of their eCoach content on external Learning Management Systems simultaneously, making it the go-to account for users with a pre-existing LMS. 

Unlimited SCORM downloads also makes the Author Pro the best account for individuals looking to sell e-Learning products, as it allows users to create and then seed content via external Learning Management Systems. With an Author Pro account, users can monetise their e-Learning creation. 

Multi-tenancy and multiple author abilities make the Author Pro account a good fit for larger organisations. Multi-tenancy allows a single Author Pro account to be split up into several sub-campuses, each with its own branding and domain. Multi-tenancy is perfect for training staff or students from different streams in their own branded space via URL links, or for splitting authors into separate departments. (Multi Tenancy requires multiple Author Pro accounts so just ask the team for more details)

Finally, the Author Pro account can accommodate organisations who don’t have or want an LMS at all, but still need to author and deliver e-Learning content. This is because the Author Pro account allows for unlimited URL sharing, meaning that content can be authored as if to be uploaded to an LMS, and then simply shared to participants via URL.

The bottom line: Perfect for professional learning designers, individuals looking to seed and sell e-Learning content, larger organisations with their own LMS, those looking for multiple campuses, or those who don’t have or need an LMS but require a training tool


  • Learning Management System
  • Granular analytics
  • Learning outcomes mapping

The eCoach LMS account opens up access to a fully-fledged Learning Management System, as well as our premium authoring tool. Any organisations looking to create, store, deliver, track, analyse and record e-Learning content from one place should be looking at the LMS account. 

The LMS account has all the features of an LMS, including granular analytics, which drill-down into everything from individual student scores for specific tasks and tests, to completion rates and dates for entire Courses. This makes the LMS a perfect fit for organisations looking to complete compliance training or other formal assessments. 

eCoach LMS has also won awards for its ability to map learning outcomes. This refers to being able to map learning outcomes to individual parts of a Course and evaluate these outcomes via rubric-based assessment, which is a must for schools and Universities looking to satisfy a curriculum or a corporate looking to track KPI's or safety procudures. 

The bottom line: For any organisations in need of an LMS or unhappy with their own, or those looking to conduct compliance training or map learning outcomes

School Plan

  • $270 a month
  • Multi-tenancy
  • Up to 70 authors

The School Plan is designed specifically for schools or school districts looking to implement e-Learning into their teaching process. On the School Plan, a school can create multiple campuses per school, splitting up year groups and departments alike. Up to 70 authors means that teachers can collaborate on authoring content across faculties. There are also discounted options for large school districts. 

We recently helped Southern Cross K-12, a public school located in Ballina, NSW, catering to approximately 1600 students from Kindergarten to Year 12, integrate eCoach into their syllabus on a School Plan. Read more about that here.

The bottom line: Ideal for schools and school districts looking to make the most of eCoach

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