Learning Management System (LMS) pricing models can differ wildly. For example, cloud-based LMSs such as eCoach usually fall into one of three pricing systems: Pay-Per-Use, Pay-Per-User, or License Fee. 

Pay-Per-User Models

eCoach LMS follows a Pay-Per-User pricing system, because we believe that it is the best pricing system for adapting to fit user needs. Pay-Per-User models work in one of two ways: they can charge organisations for each user registered to use the LMS (this is called ‘registered’ users), or for each user that actually logs into the LMS and engages with LMS content (this is called ‘active’ users). eCoach only charges for active users, so that you only pay for people who are actually logging on to your LMS. But what does 'active' mean?

Active Users

Active Users refers to the total number of users using eCoach LMS during a calendar month (including Authors). For example, if 100 people log on to your LMS during February, you'll be charged for the 51-250 Active Users band. It doesn't matter how many times those users log on, or how much content they access - one person could enrol in every Course in your LMS, and they would still count as only one user in your total. 

If a user has logged into your LMS in the previous month, say January, but not in the current month, they also won't be counted in your total. This takes away the need for you to run through your registered users and delete anyone who hasn't been participating, which can be time-consuming and frustrating. 

Pricing Bands

eCoach LMS accounts range from 1-50 active users to 501-1000 active users, meaning that they scale according to the size of your business. 

*If you are an organisation that is bigger than 1000 then just contact us to discuss the best Enterprise option for your organisation. 

If you have any more questions on the eCoach LMS pricing model, don't hesitate to contact us using the chat button on the bottom right-hand side of your screen.

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