As the creator of a Quiz you have the option of giving your participants the opportunity of re-attempting a quiz. You also have the ability to control how the Participant views this re-attempt. 

Step 1: Access your Quiz

If your Quiz is standalone, and does not belong to a Course then you should access the Quiz settings by finding your Quiz on the dashboard and clicking the edit button. 

If your Quiz does belong to a Course and you want the settings to be associated with that Course then find the Course on the dashboard and click the edit button.

Step 2: Bring up the settings pop-up

If you've accessed a standalone Quiz, click the little cog icon on the top right hand corner of the editor. 

If you've accessed the Quiz through a Course, navigate to the Modules tab and click the little cog icon that appears on the Quiz Module.

Step 3: Set the number of attempts

By default, the number of re-attempts on a quiz is set to unlimited. To change this, uncheck the unlimited checkbox and use the number stepper to choose the number of re-attempts you'd like your Participants to have.

Step 4: Set what to do on re-attempts

There are 3 options you can choose from for re-attempts. 

  1. Show only questions marked 'incorrect' on previous attempt.
    Selecting this option will only show the Participant those answers that they got wrong on the previous attempt. They will not see any answers that they got correct the first time.
  2. Show all questions, with correct answers from previous attempt (default)
    This option is the default, and it will take the Participant back through the entire quiz, but have the answers they answered correctly in their previous attempt, pre-selected.
  3. Show all questions, erasing all answers from previous attempt
    Selecting this option resets the entire quiz and the Participant will have to answer all of the questions again. 

Step 4: Selecting a attempt scheme

The attempt scheme refers to the attempt that will be used to  grade the Quiz. You have the option of either using the attempt with the highest grade, or the latest attempt. By default, the latest attempt is selected

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