Just signed on for Author Pro? We've got you covered - here's a run-through of the basics to get you started:

Accessing Author Pro

The eCoach platform is cloud-based, meaning that you can access it from any device at any time. It also means you don't have to worry about any installs or updates. To access your Author Pro account, simply go to the eCoach website - www.ecoach.com - and select Login. Enter your username and password and you're set to start authoring!

Something to note is that Author Pro is optimised for all devices, meaning that content will resize to fit mobile phone screens or tablets.

Personalising your profile

Click your profile name at the top right of screen to customise your profile - you can add your own photo, set your timezone, and change your personal details at any time. 

Creating content

When you log into your Author Pro account, you'll be greeted with the Create Screen. From here, you can create three types of modules: Lessons, Quizzes and Courses. Let's have a look at each of modules in detail:


A Lesson is a learning pathway - a series of e-Learning tiles placed together in a sequence for participants to click through. To create a Lesson, select the Create button and then Create Lesson. Once you've named your Lesson and chosen its Department, you'll be taken to the Lesson Pathway screen.

Lessons can be split into individual topics. The first topic will always be named Introduction - you can alter this by clicking on the topic name and changing it. To add a new topic, hit the New Topic button below the Lesson pathway. 

Under each topic, you can add tiles - these are the content where your e-Learning will take place. Drag one of the tile Templates from the right-hand side of the screen onto your Lesson pathway to add your first tile. 

Templates are split into Text, Images & Video Templates, Presentation Templates, and Interactive/Challenge Templates. Text, Image & Video Templates are the most commonly used tiles, and are great for communicating information simply and easily. The Text With Image Template, for example, allows you to write a block of text and illustrate it with an image. Presentation Templates are more engaging, whilst Interactive/Challenge Templates are for testing your participants' learning. 

Once a tile has been dragged into your Lesson pathway, click the Edit button to add information to it. Each templated can be edited differently, and some require uploading or hyperlinking multimedia resources. You can find out more about how to edit each individual Template in the Help Centre. 

Keep stringing tiles together and you'll be able to create an engaging and informative Lesson.


Quizzes are a great way to test participants' learning, with easy-to-use question templates that allow you to readily test students' knowledge and evaluate student learning.


Courses let you combine a number of learning resources in one place. For example, you may want to create a Course with two Lessons and a Quiz. Predominantly in an Author Pro Account, courses are not used as they can not be published into SCORM 1.2 Files. Only Lessons and Quizzes can be published as SCORM files. However if you are using the URL share feature, then courses are still viable for sharing.   

Customising your campus

Creating content is not the only thing you can do in Author Pro. To customise your campus, click on the Customise button instead of the Create button when you log into your account. 

Here's what you can change under the Customise tab:


This is where you can change your eCoach URL and your Campus Name. Your eCoach URL will be the URL you visit to log into your eCoach Campus - for example, mycampus.ecoach.com. 

Customising your URL is great for when you share content, as participants will see your name rather than eCoach when completing their learning.

Note that if other people are using your Campus when you change its URL, everyone will be logged out immediately and could lose unsaved work.


Add in your organisation's branding here, including a logo and colour palette. We'll walk you through this in a second.


Adjust the colour scheme of your campus here. These are the colours you'll see when you're moving around the platform.


With the Fonts option, you can easily change all font sizes in your course content to suit your organisational needs.

Lesson Templates

You can easily adjust Lesson Template colours here. These are the colours of each different eLearning template, and they indicate what participants will see when working through your eLearning content.

Lesson Feedback

Customise all your lesson feedback. This is the feedback that Participants will see once they've completed a Checkpoint or Challenge. eCoach has provided some default feedback already, featuring our eCoach Kevin, but you might want to adjust it to be more suitable to your organisation.

Sharing your content

Click through to the Share tab on your Dashboard to share your created content with others. There are two ways you can share content - through URL and SCORM.

URL Links

URL sharing is the simplest way to share your content. Simply click on the ‘Share’ button at the top of your dashboard and activate the content you’d like to share. You’ll then be able to click on ‘Get Link’, where you can choose between public or private URL links to share with your clients. 

SCORM Packages

SCORM packages are the most common and industry-standard way to share eLearning content. eCoach is no different, with every eCoach account offering the option to convert Lessons, Courses and Quizzes into downloadable SCORM packages.

Analysing your e-Learning

The Analyse tab lets you see engagement rates for your content, with the number of views each piece content has received and how many participants have completed it. 

Managing your team

The Manage tab allows you to organise Departments, add Team Members, and update Team Members' privileges within your Author Pro account. 

Flexible Permissions allow Users to share and edit content without treading on each other’s toes; decide if a Team Member can create new content, enrol participants, manage the department or teach. 

You can also assign other team members as Campus Managers, who are 'Admin' level and can manage all aspects of your eCoach Campus.

Got any questions? You can ask us personally by clicking the button on the bottom right of your screen.

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