The Author Pro account is our fully-fledged authoring tool account. It comes packed with a heap of features that make it easy to author and share professional e-Learning content. Here, we break down some of the major features of the Author Pro:

Premium Templates

The Author Pro account is stacked with 37 premium authoring templates, from interactive presentation templates, to checkpoint templates designed for formative assessments. With such a range of templates, there’s always an engaging way to present content. For example, the Input Text template is a great way to test recall memory, whilst the Springy-List template is perfect for chunking concepts together.

More Authors

More authors means faster authoring and greater collaborative opportunities. The Author Pro allows access for up to 5 authors, all of whom can jump in and out of the account from different devices and work in the same space in real time. This can not only speed up content creation, but enhance it too, with authors providing feedback to each other and communicating as they work. 

Unlimited SCORM Sharing

With an Author Pro account, users can download unlimited SCORM packages. When a Course, Lesson or Quiz has been converted to a SCORM package, it can be uploaded to almost any Learning Management System. The ability to download unlimited SCORM packages, then, means that users can host all of their eCoach content on external Learning Management Systems simultaneously. This is in contrast to the free Author and Author accounts, which only allow one piece of eCoach content to be shared as a SCORM package at any one time. 

Users don’t have to share content via SCORM, either. All eCoach content created in the Author Pro account can also be shared via a public or password-protected URL.


Author Pro accounts are *multi-tenant, meaning that they can be split into separate campuses, with each campus having its own branding and customisation. This means that each campus can have a unique logo, domain name, and colour scheme. Multi-tenancy is perfect for splitting authors into different departments or training staff or students from different streams in their own branded space via URL share links. At the same time, users can also move easily between these spaces, jumping in and out of different campuses to provide feedback on or author content. (*Multi -Tenant campuses require multiple Author Pro accounts so talk to our team for more information.)

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